How do you envision the future of the universities and other schools ?

Can we set new standard on learning and teaching experience?

Are we ready for the 21st century education?

Braveclass goal is to change the tone and landscape of Educational System through our key people and the used of technology. Our goal is to adopt the Braveclass System to every universities and schools. We will empower the teachers, students, parents and individuals and help them become the leader in the community.

With the power of modern technology we will create the best learning experience inside or outside classroom. We will guarantee that the products and services we will offer can change the way we do teaching and learning.


Braveclass System
School Innovation

Powerful Student Management Platform for Schools

Braveclass system is your preferred choice for small and big educational institutions. It doesn’t matter what you teach, you need a platform that can increase enrollments, retain existing students and help streamline administration.

Analyze your Student Behaviors in one System!

Our technology alerts schools, teachers and parents on potential change in student behaviour based various data indicators. Eg: Looks for symptoms for depression, Attention Deficit Disorder(ADD), Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) based on attendance, academic, social and activities performances.

We help educators think outside the box!

Everyone at Braveclass possesses a deep desire to lead and transform the education experience.

We’re here to lead the 21st students learn, grow and enjoy the learning experience. We have the real solutions for schools to deliver blended learning experience and put learning into most exciting journey through technology.


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